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Smog – Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a smog check?

There are three reasons to get a smog check.

Gasoline vehicles newer than 4 years old, hybrids vehicles newer than 6 year old, gasoline vehicles 1975 or older, and diesel vehicles 1997 and older are exempt from this requirement. Also, transfer of title between certain family members does not require a smog check.

Registration Renewal: Every two years on most vehicles you are required to get a smog check to renew your registration with D.M.V.

Change of Ownership: Most vehicles need a smog check when they are bought or sold.

It is the seller’s responsibility to have the vehicle inspected within 90 days of the transaction. If the vehicle is not registered within 90 days of being smogged it will need

to be inspected again.Bringing in a car from out of state: Most cars coming from

out of state seeking registration in California need to be smog.

Do I need to smog my diesel vehicle?

YES 1998 model-year and newer diesel vehicles with GVWRs 14,000 pounds and less powered solely or in combination by diesel propane natural gas methanol ethanol smog check inspection required . Diesel vehicles 1997 and older are smog exempt. Diesel vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight over 14,500 lbs are also exempt from the smog inspection.

Can you smog my all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle?

Yes. All-wheel drive vehicles are smog doing a two-speed idle test rather than being tested on a dynamometer.

My renewal notice doesn’t specify that I need to go to a test-only center or a star-certified center. Can you still smog it?

Yes. We can check with dmv for smog certification requirements,Currently We can only perform a non star smog certification test. 

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